There’s No Such Place As Far Away

I came across this book today by Richard Bach published in 1979.  The illustrations are beautiful and the message of the brief book feels apt at this time of year; that space and time cannot separate us from our friends and loved ones.   Here is a brief excerpt:

Rae this is the last day-a-year,

special-time celebration that I shall be with

you, learning what I have learned from our

friends the birds.  I cannot go to be with

you because I am already there.  You are

not little because you have already grown,

playing among your lifetimes as do we all,

for the fun of living.


You have no birthday because you have

always lived; you were never born, and

never will you die.  You are not the child of

the people you call mother and father,

but their fellow adventurer on a bright

journey to understand the things that are.

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